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The Benefits of Being FACT Certified

A FACT qualification is awarded to companies who have attained the required security standards, as approved by the Federation Against Copyright Theft on behalf of its member companies.

What is FACT?

Established for over 30 years, FACT is at the forefront of the fight against intellectual property crime in the UK and internationally, specialising in protecting both physical and digital content. It is a very prestigious qualification with high profile, successful customers such as The Premier League, Virgin Media, and Sky.
Intellectual Property (IP) crime is a global problem and is costing the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds every year. FACT work hard around the world to protect companies against counterfeiting and piracy. Recognised as the leaders in tackling IP crime, FACT’s work is vital in ensuring digital and physical content is protected and businesses continue to flourish as a result.

Why is being FACT Certified important?

As we’ve explained, companies that are FACT certified meet the necessary security standards, as approved by the Federation Against Copyright Theft. Why, though, is it so important to meet these standards?
As the significance of the internet continues to grow and technology continues to advance, businesses must take a proactive and comprehensive approach to fighting Intellectual Property crime. FACT’s role in successfully detecting and targeting those involved in IP crime also requires the ability to foresee, and be aware of, the technological changes that are constantly occurring. The criminals involved are often pioneers of these developments. These individuals are adaptive and quick to take advantage of the ever-changing landscape; they also continue to develop methods for ensuring that stolen content reaches a wider, global audience. FACT prides itself in being at the forefront of emerging technology and is always up-to-date on technological changes and advancements.
Working in both the UK and internationally, FACT’s range of services and strategic and tactical solutions are designed to disrupt all forms of intellectual property crime. FACT provides bespoke approaches to suit individual circumstances, support commercial objectives and protect organisational reputation and revenue.

Kings Transport Services Ltd

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