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How to Pack Paintings and Art for Moving

Packing your belongings ready for moving is one of the most important jobs you need to do before your moving day arrives. Gathering the belongings of an entire household will be extremely time-consuming, so it is always advisable that movers start their packing as soon as they know that they will be moving sometime in the near future.

To help those who are preparing to move, we have put together this article on the best ways to pack fragile items like paintings and art to ensure they safely and securely make it to your new property ready to take their place on your walls and transform your house into a home.

Packing supplies for moving

One of the most important parts of safe packing is having appropriate packing materials in the right quantities. You might not fully realise it yet, but high-quality packing materials will make a big difference to the safety of your overall packing experience. During an already expensive and very stressful time, people might try and cut costs and make the common mistake of either using a low standard of packing supplies or not using enough of them. Either scenario could prove dangerous for your paintings and art, and it would be devastating if a valuable item (either sentimental value or financial value) was damaged in transit.

When packing fragile and possibly expensive items like framed artwork, the decision of what packing supplies to use and where to find them becomes an important one. Learning what you need to pack paintings and art to move will be key to transporting important possessions as safely as possible.

Cardboard boxes

The cardboard boxes you use for moving paintings and art in frames should be clean, strong, and in excellent condition overall. The size of the boxes is also important as you will be wrapping up picture or art frames of different shapes and sizes, so you should have a pretty good idea about the dimensions and quantity of your breakable objects before you get suitable moving containers for the task ahead. Preferably, you will be able to afford specialised packaging for framed pictures, photos, and paintings called picture boxes.

Packing paper

When you are packing framed pictures for moving to a new house, soft packing paper is an ideal first line of defence, while durable brown wrapping paper (Kraft paper) can be used on the outside to successfully protect the integrity of the packages.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is key to the success of your packing project. It is no surprise that the air-filled plastic material offers the ultimate protection when wrapping up extremely fragile objects that are much more likely to get damaged during various stages of the moving house process. Buy as many sheets of bubble wrap as you can afford because you will always be able to safeguard other breakable household items as well as your paintings and art.

Packing tape

Packing tape is easy and cost-effective to buy, as long as you ensure you get high-quality tape that will keep your wrapped packages securely in place all the way until they need to be unpacked.

Marker pens

A black marker pen will do the job effectively, but multiple different colours will be better at grabbing the attention of whoever is handling your packed paintings and art and alerting them to the fragile nature of what is inside the boxes. For example, the words “FRAGILE ARTWORK, THIS SIDE UP” will be more noticeable in large red writing than in a smaller black inscription.

As soon as you have all of the recommended packing materials, you can begin the actual process of packing your paintings and art ready to be moved.

If you need help finding the best packing materials for your paintings and art, Kings Removals can help. We provide more than just a removal service, we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of moving for our customers. Our high quality packing materials are second to none and with such valuable items like art and paintings, you will want complete peace of mind that they will be packed and moved safely. 

How to pack paintings and art for moving house

Step 1

Remove the items from the walls, being careful not to drop heavier paintings or artwork. Also, if necessary, remove the fastening elements (normally small nails or tacks) slowly in order to cause the least amount of wall damage possible.

Step 2

When all of your artwork is off the walls and ready to be packed up, it might be worth going through them to see whether all of them are worth packing up and moving to your new property. Keep in mind that you can lower your overall moving price by reducing the number of framed art pieces to only the ones you like and value the most.

Step 3

Have your white packing paper in the middle of your packing station, ideally on a large, sturdy table, but most surfaces will be suitable for your packing needs.

Step 4

Take your first item and put it face up in the centre of the pile. Then, get a sheet of bubble wrap with suitable dimensions and cover up the glass of the item, if applicable. This is a key safety measure which aims to protect the most valuable section of every framed art, the canvas, or the photo, and the potential glass piece above it.

Step 5

Next, take two sheets from one corner and pull them over the frame. Repeat this action diagonally with the other corners like you were wrapping a Christmas present. If needed, use extra sheets of packing paper until the entire frame is fully covered.

Step 6

Use your packing tape to secure the places where the various sheet edges meet.

Step 7

If you are wrapping items that are extra fragile or delicate, put an additional layer of bubble wrap over the taped paper bundle for better protection and secure it with packing tape.

Step 8

If you have managed to get specialised picture boxes in the right sizes, then you don’t need to worry, as these are specifically designed to keep your artwork safe. If you don’t have these containers, you should try to replicate them as best you can.


When you have safely packed your paintings and art it is important that you have a removal company that you can trust with your precious items and that’s where Kings Removals can help. We can even do the packaging for you, so contact our friendly team today.