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How to Pack Shoes for a Move

When it comes to packing your belongings ready to move to a new house, shoes can present quite the dilemma. They are bulky, come in various shapes and sizes, and it is likely they will be dirty. However, your shoes still need to make it to your new home somehow and unfortunately, they can’t just walk there themselves. 

Packing up your shoes for a move can take a bit of ingenuity and time, but it won’t be any more complex than packing other items in your wardrobe. Our key tips will take away all the guesswork about how to pack your shoes for a move, meaning you can get the job done quickly and move on to packing more difficult items in your home.

Get rid of any shoes you don’t wear

The likelihood is you have at least one pair of shoes in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a long time. So, why bother packing them? Instead of boxing up shoes that are just going to end up sitting idly and not getting worn, use your house move as an opportunity to get rid of them. If they’re in good condition you might want to sell them or donate them to a charity. Alternatively, if they’re not in very good condition, make sure that you recycle them correctly instead of simply throwing them in the bin.

Stuff a pair of socks into each shoe

To help your shoes keep their shape during your move, take a pair of rolled-up socks and stuff them all the way into each shoe down by the toe. Depending on the style and shape of the shoe, you might want to add another pair of socks to fill the heel as well. Not only will this prevent your shoes from getting squashed out of shape during transit, but this also has the added benefit of ensuring your socks are safely packed too. If you have already packed all of your socks, clean packing paper can also be effective in helping retain the shape of your shoes.

Pack the nicer pairs individually

You are probably not too worried about an old pair of trainers getting slightly scuffed during the move, but the same cannot be said for an expensive pair of heels or perfect condition loafers. Protect your favourite pairs of shoes by boxing them up on their own, with packing paper scrunched around them to keep them securely in place. If you didn’t keep the boxes the shoes came in, don’t worry. There will be places where you can buy large plastic bins or basic cardboard shoe boxes, some might even let you have a couple without any charge.

Tie together trainers by the laces

For shoes like trainers, which are likely to get chucked into a box or other container, you can keep them intact and ensure one doesn’t get lost by tying them together. By doing so, you won’t need to dig through a big pile trying to find a matching shoe if you find yourself needing a pair before you have fully unpacked all your belongings.

Pack some essential pairs of shoes in their own box

Shoes are often not the main priority when it comes to unpacking your belongings in a new house. As long as you’ve got your go-tos you’re not likely to need any other pairs straight away. However, you should still ensure that you can easily access two or three important pairs during the unpacking process. You will likely wear trainers or something similarly casual and comfortable for the move itself. So, keep aside a pair of easy on/off shoes, a pair of shoes you might need for work, and a dressier pair in case you go out for dinner or another form of outing.

Pack out-of-season shoes separately

There is no need to waste time unpacking shoes that are not appropriate for the current season when you have so much else to do. If you are moving house in the summer, separate things like fluffy slippers and winter boots, and vice versa if you are moving in the winter with your sandals and flip flops. Make sure you mark the box clearly and don’t worry if you don’t have time to organise them in the first few weeks of your move, you probably won’t be needing them for several months anyway so there’s no rush to have them ready to use.

Only use clean packing paper

Even though newspapers can be an effective substitute for packing paper for other belongings in your house, the same is not true for packing your shoes. Printed newspapers, used packing paper, or even coloured tissue paper all have the potential to leave stains that can be difficult or impossible to get rid of. For complete peace of mind, only use new packing paper to wrap and protect your shoes. Clean paper towels can be effective as well.

Pack heavy shoes at the bottom

No matter if you are using boxes, plastic containers, or anything else to transport your shoes during your move, you need to make sure that you have put the heaviest and bulkiest shoes on the bottom. This will balance the weight and make it safer and easier to carry when getting the box from the removal van into your new house. Also, if you put heavy shoes on top of light ones, you run the risk of causing damage to the lighter and more fragile pairs.

Use bubble wrap instead of plastic bags

Try not to wrap your shoes in plastic bags as they can easily rip. Instead, use plastic or bubble wrap which will be considerably stronger and more protective. It will be most effective to use this material around any sharp buckles or heels, and it is also useful in making sure dirty shoes don’t make contact with clean shoes. It is important to check that the shoes are dry before you wrap them since plastic can trap moisture and possibly result in mould.


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